Lesson with the First Lady

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Lessons in our school started three days ago and we have already met great rewards and honour. Extracurricular classes in the German language will be lead by the First Lady Agata Duda.

Meeting with the First Lady was a big surprise for both teachers and junior. The Headmistress after greeting our guest introduced all the teachers and students according to countries from which they come. From the media, we had already learned that the First Lady is very much liked by her students from the school in Krakow, for that reason we had to do everything for her better feeling also in our high school. Despite of the stress which is evident in such situations, pupils learned German language, quickly felt how passionate First Lady is about teaching class. Forty-five minutes lesson will become a permanent in their memory as an exceptional honour and encounter with the person who despite the highest functions in the state, does not forget about the work that she loves.

Below is a greeting of First Lady by representatives of the Student Self-government:

On behalf of the students of the High School of St. Stanislas Kostka we want to express huge joy. We feel inexpressibly distinguished. We are experiencing unusual distinction that we can greet The First Lady in our school.

So far, during lessons of Polish, history, geography and other subjects, we learned of culture our ancestors’ country; today we become a living part of Polish history; it affects us directly. We know that Mr. President Andrzej Duda remembers the Poles in the East, and for us it is a great honour that we can meet the First Lady.

We hope that after graduating from this school, and the university we will become good citizens of Poland and we will create her history thus meeting the expectations of our grandparents and great-grandparents. We are thankful that we can learn in Poland. For sure we will do our best.

Thank you for your interest in us and our high school too. We know that your pupils miss you and love you. We also hope that you will feel well and comfortable in our company.





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