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Our high school meets the needs of the growing labour market and individual choice of our students, who are increasingly going to higher education in technical areas, such as construction or electronics. There are numerous series of lectures, projects and laboratory tasks prepared by our physics and chemistry teachers.

Below is the brief report of our Physics and Astronomy Club for the last week, which is full of interesting scientific developments.

On 22nd of October, our physicists from 1 and 2 grade visited the Technical Museum in Warsaw. In astronomical and astronautics hall they could see a variety of collections: first, they acquainted themselves with tools which Nicolas Copernicus used, then with the history of space flights. Most of students were interested with the hall where you can make physical experiments from of types, and they liked the most exhibition devoted to computing machines, computers and computer games. Everyone could test their strengths in the cult video games of the last century. Graphics was much worse than today but the emotions were just as high.

On 23rd of October pupils from 2 and 3 grade who study physics participated in the labs of the Faculty of Physics at the Warsaw University. They conducted experiments on runners, analyzed the motion uniform, accelerated and induced moment of inertia of the fully cylinder. Science class of the Department of Physics in Warsaw University conducted the work, but all experiments and measuring the students did on their own using professional measuring equipment, such as solar cells in combination with the clock and very accurate scales and calipers. The 3 grade figured equations using a computer. The findings of the experiment coincided with the values calculated theoretically on the basic assumptions.

On 26th of October a group of students participated in the popular science report «The kingdom of galaxies» in the astronomical center of Nicolas Copernicus – the scientific part of the Polish Science Academy. Dr. Stanislaw Bajtlik – one of the best popularizers of Astronomy in Warsaw –presented a lot of beautiful pictures of galaxies and very interesting computer models. Our young astronomers were very interested in the report, so later on they asked questions of the doctor, and he replied with great pleasure. 

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